Out of date passports will NOT be accepted at the test centre !! Photocopies or digital IDs will not be accepted. Nor will UK Citizencards.

On the day of the test you must bring BOTH of the following documents with you to the test centre:

  • your confirmation email from Pearson VUE – this can be on your phone or on paper
  • one piece of photographic identification from the list below

In the following test centre locations a current signed passport (or biometric passport that does not allow for a signature) is the only acceptable identity document:

American Samoa, Guam, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

If you do not bring an accepted form of photographic identity document you will not be allowed to take the test. You will have to book and pay for a new test slot on another day, this time bringing an acceptable identity document.

Accepted forms of photographic identification for test centres other than in the countries listed above

  • A current signed passport (an unsigned passport will be acceptable only if it is of a biometric type that does not allow for a signature)
  • A current signed photocard driving licence (full or provisional) (not countries listed in first paragraph at the top of this page)
  • A current identity card, issued by the government of the country where the test centre is located, that carries your photograph and signature (but if your card is a UK Home Office ID card, please note that special arrangements apply.  See note below. (not countries listed in first paragraph at the top of this page)

Notes on proof of identity

The name and date of birth on your identity document must exactly match the name and date of birth you provided when you registered for the LNAT. The test centre staff have no discretion to waive or vary the identification rules and if you do not comply with them you will have to book another test slot in your own time and at your own expense.

If you do not have and cannot obtain one of these forms of identification and are sitting the test at a centre in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, you may be able to use an alternative form of proof of identity (see below). If you are sitting the test at a centre outside the UK, Australia and New Zealand and do not have or cannot obtain one of three forms of identification above, you cannot take the LNAT at a test centre outside the UK.

Candidates with UK Home Office ID Cards

If at all possible you should present a valid current passport. If the only form of ID you have is a Home Office ID Card please Contact the LNAT administrator  at least two weeks before your test so that we can make arrangements for your card to be accepted by the test centre.

If you present your Home Office ID Card without having first notified the LNAT Administrator the Test Centre will not be able to admit you and you will have to rebook your test at your own expense. If you have any queries or are not sure what you should do contact the LNAT Administrator as soon as possible.

Alternative form of proof of identity (United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand test centres only)

If you do not hold any of the identity documents listed above, you can bring an official letter from your school or college, signed by the head teacher or deputy.

This should have a passport-sized photo of you glued to it and should also show your signature. The school’s or college’s official rubber stamp should be applied to the letter in such a way as to overlap both the photograph and the signature.

See the sample letter you can download below.