Set up account

You should set up your Pearson VUE account as soon as possible

You don’t need to have completed your UCAS application before registering for the LNAT or taking the test.

Your UCAS number

You do not need your UCAS personal identifier number to register. You can enter 0000000000 instead (10 zeros).  However, your real number is needed for the universities to link your LNAT score to your UCAS application. You must go back into your LNAT profile and edit it as soon as you receive your real UCAS number (please do not include the hyphens).  It will delay your UK university application(s) if you do not later return to your profile and enter your correct UCAS ID number.

NB: candidates not applying to any UK university should enter ‘0000000000’

Who can register?

You can register yourself, or you can ask your teacher, parent or guardian to register for you. Remember though, that it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that you are registered to take the test.

Your email address

It is very important that you use your correct email address when registering. We will use the address that you give us for all correspondence, including your results. If you change your email address after registering without informing Pearson VUE, your results will of course be sent to your original email address.

Click here to create an LNAT account.