When do universities see my results?

Starting on 21 October, the first batch of LNAT scores (tests taken between 1 September to 20 October) are released to the universities to download. After that date, within 24 hours of finishing your LNAT, Pearson VUE will make your LNAT score and essay available for download by your chosen university or universities. They will see your score before you do.

Each university’s admissions tutors will then refer to the candidate’s score as part of their application. The candidate’s LNAT score and the essays will be used by each university in the way that best suits its own admissions system.

The LNAT does not replace A levels or their global equivalent but is used in conjunction with formal qualifications, the information on the UCAS or other application form, the candidate’s personal statement and, in some cases, performance at interview.

There is no fixed weight to the LNAT and different universities will utilise the LNAT in different ways.

The use of LNAT essays varies and is dependent on each participating university’s admissions policy. Some universities may use it, for example, as the basis for interview questions. Others may compare it with the personal statement and school/college report on UCAS forms, or use it as a means of distinguishing between borderline candidates.

When will I see my results?

LNAT results are emailed to candidates twice a year, with test dates determining the results date.

  • Candidates taking the LNAT on or before 26 January will receive their results in mid February.
  • Candidates taking the test after 26 January will receive their results in mid August.
  • Note: No specific dates can be given.

Candidates may only sit the LNAT once between 1 September and 31 July the following year unless authorised to because of extenuating circumstances. If a candidate sits the test twice without authorisation, their later test sitting will be invalid. Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) applicants only may sit the test, also only once, between 1 September and 31 July the following year.