Test day problems

If something goes wrong, get an incident number before you leave the test centre

LNAT Consortium Ltd and its partner Pearson VUE aim to provide you with a straightforward and convenient way of sitting the LNAT in a businesslike environment. But occasionally things may go wrong, and when they do we have procedures for putting them right.

You can skip multiple choice questions and come back to them by marking them for review. Remember, though, that you need to go back to them before the multiple choice part of the test is over. You can’t go back to them after the essay.

If you are in a non-English speaking country and require a standard QWERTY keyboard but have been given a non QWERTY keyboard, please notify the test centre staff immediately, before you start the test.

If there is a disruptive incident at a test centre during a test (e.g. a fire alarm), the test centre will do what it can to minimise the disruption and to let you finish your test. The incident will be logged and you will be given an incident number by the test centre staff.

Once you have your incident number you need to contact the LNAT Consortium at once so that the incident can be investigated and, where appropriate, the information can be passed on to the universities (where allowances can be made in the interpretation of your LNAT score). You will need to tell us where and when you sat your test, give a brief description of what happened, and quote your incident number.

You should not contact the universities directly at this stage, as they will have no way of verifying the incident and will only refer it to the LNAT Consortium.

So please make sure you get an incident number before you leave the test centre.

If you do not get an incident number it may be hard to verify what has happened. However, if for some reason the incident was not recorded, or if you do not feel that it was correctly handled or correctly logged at the test centre, you should still contact the LNAT Consortium.

If you feel that the incident was poorly handled, or if you have a complaint about how your LNAT registration or check-in was handled, or about any other aspects of the LNAT service, you are welcome to raise your complaint either with Pearson VUE or with LNAT Consortium Ltd. We will liaise in our attempts to resolve any complaints.

Read our full candidate complaints procedure here (pdf file).

Please send full details of your complaint to:

Christopher Boulle
LNAT Administrator
Faculty of Law
St Cross Building
St Cross Road
Oxford OX1 3UL
email: law-lnat@law.ox.ac.uk