Test centres

Do not contact a test centre to try to organise your test appointment. You have to do this online

Candidates will be asked to leave any personal items in the lockers beside the seating area and are not allowed to take anything into the test room, e.g. bags, papers, books, pens, sweets, drinks.

To sit the test, candidates will be asked to sit at a numbered desk with a computer terminal (plus a portable whiteboard and pen for note-making). Candidates with special access requirements should notify LNAT in advance of booking their test following the instructions here.

There is an invigilation desk in the testing room. Computers within the test room will only run the LNAT programme. They have no other functionality.

Keyboards QUERTY or AZERTY or ?

Most test centres have keyboards with the locally prevailing keyboard layout. However, some test centres deliver most of their exams in English and so have US keyboards with US settings.  If you are testing outside the UK and are concerned about having to use either a local keyboard or a US keyboard please contact the test centre to check what keyboard configuration they are using.


Test Centres

There are over 500 LNAT test centres around the world with 150 in the UK, many in high street locations. New test centres are becoming available all the time. 

To browse the directory of current test centres worldwide, complete with addresses and directions, use our live test centre locator.

Test centres temporarily closed
Occasionally some of our test centres may be temporarily closed for repairs, upgrades, or security checks. While closed they cannot be booked and do not appear on the live test centre locator.

Countries with no test centres
Regrettably, some countries have no test centres and are not expected to have them during the current test cycle. If you do not find your country listed in the test centre locator please contact the LNAT Administrator who will check the position. If it is confirmed that there is no test centre that you can reasonably travel to, you should apply for exemption to the LNAT-participating universities to which you are applying. They will consider exempting you from the LNAT. Each LNAT-participating university makes this decision for itself on a case-by-case basis. So if you are applying to several LNAT-participating universities, you will have to apply for several LNAT exemptions. Click here for further information on exemptions