Sofia Sa’adullah

Sofia-Sa-adullahSofia Sa’adullah studied sciences at A-level but when it came to her future career, she decided she wanted to carve out a career in law.

While still a teenager, she began researching her options and finding out how she could go about turning her dream into reality.

It soon became clear that sitting the National Admissions Test For Law would be a part of applying to her preferred universities and subsequently getting the correct training and securing a future job.

 “I was researching undergraduate law courses when I came across the LNAT, as some universities require you to sit it if you want to apply for an undergraduate law course,” she said.

“I was 16-years-old at the time, doing my A-levels and living in Malaysia, but I managed to find out all about the test and what it entails by looking online.”

Sofia, who is now aged 22, found there was a test centre located in Kuala Lumpur, where she was living at the time: “I was surprised at how convenient it was for me to take the LNAT as I didn’t have to travel far at all,” she said.

“It was definitely something new to me as I had never done a verbal reasoning test before. But there were past papers online, which allowed me to familiarise myself with the format before sitting the actual test.”

“This preparation was really helpful, as I knew what kind of questions to expect and how it would be laid out which made me feel more relaxed on the day, although as it was timed, that added some extra pressure.”

Although few people look forward to sitting exams, Sofia was pleased with her performance and felt the day had gone well.

“I was pleased when a few months later I was told I had an above-average score.  It gave me confidence in my ability to get a place on the university undergraduate courses I was applying to.”

Sofia secured a place to study law on a three-year course at Manchester University, which now requires undergraduate law applicants to take the LNAT.  And after a successful three-year stint studying in Manchester, Sofia applied to join international law firm Eversheds in London as a trainee solicitor.

“The experience of doing the LNAT has since helped me in my career. It came in handy when I applied for the trainee solicitor position at Eversheds, because part of the interview process was a verbal reasoning test.

“Having already had the experience of doing one several years before, I felt confident in sitting it.”

Sofia is now relishing her new career and is pleased she chose to pursue a career as a solicitor.

“I’ve spent a year as a trainee in London so far, which I’m really enjoying. I’ve done a client secondment with a real estate client, which was very interesting.”

“Looking back, I think the LNAT was a very worthwhile test to do and definitely helped me to progress my career in law.”