Bursary application form

A GBP £75 bursary that fully funds the cost of your LNAT test in the EU.

The bursary cannot be used to sit the LNAT outside the EU. To qualify, you must be receiving one of the state benefits listed on this form and you must be able to prove it. When we approve your bursary application, we pay the bursary by emailing you a voucher number.

You then book your LNAT sitting online but you use your voucher number for payment instead of a credit card number.

You only need to choose ONE from all the choices below.

You do NOT need to meet more than ONE of all the requirements below. Do NOT send evidence for more than one of the requirements below as that will delay processing of your application.


Bursary application form
e.g. John Smith
You must attach a copy of proof of this entitlement from the school/agency that pays this to you, or an email or letter from your school confirming that you receive pupil premium support or free school meals.
You must attach a copy of a recent letter from the agency that pays this confirming how it is calculated. If the letter is not addressed to you must provide evidence that you live at the same address as part of the same family.
You must attach a copy of a recent letter from HMRC confirming the payment, showing the household income and naming you as a qualifying person.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB


* The information supplied on this form will be securely held and treated confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act. It will be used by LNAT Consortium Ltd for the purpose of processing your voucher application and will then be retained on a database to enable LNAT Consortium Ltd to conduct statistical analyses and for accounting purposes. The information will not be made available outside the LNAT Consortium Ltd.