Exam access requirements application form

On this form you tell us about your Examination Access Requirements, so that we can make suitable arrangements for you to sit the LNAT. You may have mobility impairments or vision impairments. Or you may have dyslexia or a similar condition. Anything for which you can provide appropriate clinical evidence, and which you think may affect the way we administer the LNAT in your case, should be notified to us as an examination access requirement.

What provision is currently made for you in other public examinations (eg A Levels, GCSEs)? [Note: We will normally match, but no more than match, your existing provision. You must include evidence of your existing provision, if any.]


Before filling in this form, please make sure you have read the information on Special Exam Access Requirements.


Exam access requirements application form
e.g. Michael Smith
Format is LNAT012345
Format is 123 456 7890
A maximum of 25% is normally granged for dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dysorthographia, or working memory deficit.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB


Important notes. In order to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made, you need to give us as much notice of your requirements as possible. For example, it may take 3 weeks to arrange for a reader recorder to be available, so please bear this in mind when considering your deadlines and booking or rescheduling your test. Universities may at their own discretion grant an extension to your deadline. If you are seeking an extension, you will need to contact those universities to which you have applied. The LNAT Consortium cannot grant an extension of time on their behalf. On receipt of your form the LNAT Administrator will contact you to discuss what arrangements can be offered. The LNAT Consortium will make all reasonable efforts to meet your requirements. However, if we are unable to do so, you can either (a) sit the LNAT and ask that the circumstances be taken into account by Admissions Tutors when considering your LNAT score; or (b) apply for exemption from the test. When the LNAT Consortium is satisfied that your requirements cannot reasonably be met, it will recommend exemption to those universities to which you have applied. However, the final decision as to whether or not to grant exemption rests with the individual universities. The LNAT Consortium cannot agree to exemption on behalf of these universities.

If you accept the arrangements offered, the LNAT Administrator will tell you how to contact the test operator, Pearson VUE, to make your booking. This will involve your making a telephone call to a UK telephone number where an agent will assist you in ensuring that your test booking matches the arrangements agreed between you and the LNAT Consortium.

Once Pearson VUE have made your booking, this constitutes your acceptance of the arrangements offered and these will not be altered.

You cannot book a test with special access arrangements (eg extra time) on line. If you have made an on‐line booking you will need to cancel that booking and reschedule your test by following the instructions you will be sent by the LNAT Administrator when your application has been processed. Please note that cancellation conditions apply: tests can be rescheduled without charge at any time up to 12 noon (UK time) two working days before the existing slot (working days are Mondays to Fridays excluding UK bank holidays). (For instructions see bottom section of the page on Booking and Step 3 of the Guide to Registration “Signing in to Make Changes”.)