LNAT vouchers

Vouchers are for those who have no access to an acceptable payment card, or who live in a country with credit card verification problems

The LNAT registration system accepts major credit cards and Visa or MasterCard debit cards as payment for test bookings only as long as they do not require a pin number. It does not accept Switch/Maestro debit cards.

The LNAT registration system will recognise the voucher number as a form of payment in place of a credit or debit card number. The voucher can be used just once. If you lose it or waste it you will have to buy another one.

You must apply to LNAT Consortium Ltd for your voucher before you book an LNAT test slot. Because of the time it takes payments to clear through the banking system, it can take us up to ten working days to process a voucher application. You must allow for this extra time in planning your LNAT bookings.

Close to the application deadlines set by universities, the LNAT test centres can become very busy and it can be hard to find a slot. You should therefore book your test sitting as far before the deadline as possible. If you are going to use a voucher, you will have to add a further two weeks on top. This is your responsibility, not ours.

You apply by sending us the application form on this website, and then you promptly make an internet bank transfer.  Our bank account details are on the application form. A voucher number will then be sent back to you by email once we see that the payment has been deposited in our bank account.

The email itself constitutes the voucher. You will not receive a paper copy. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email is working and that our messages are not diverted into your junk-mail folder. Also take care to enter your email address correctly as the address you enter is the one we will send the voucher to.

There are

GBP75 vouchers for EU test centres


GBP120 voucher for non-EU test centres

Paying by voucher does not change the cost of the LNAT. It is only a different way of paying.

As soon as you receive the voucher email, you can use it to make an LNAT test booking. Receipt of a voucher is not equivalent to registering for the LNAT or booking a test. You must still register online. You can complete step one of the registration process (create a profile) before you get your voucher. But you will complete step two (book a test slot) only after you receive the voucher. The voucher is your payment method. You enter it at the stage at which other people enter their credit card or debit card number.

Please note that the same terms and conditions regarding cancellation and rebooking of test slots apply to voucher bookings as to all other bookings. If you do not meet these conditions, you will have to pay again to rebook.